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Welcome to our Current Sales Page. This page will update as often as our information does. While we have vacated the San Mateo warehouse we are currently holding sales at off site locations. We will also post this information to our Facebook page. Be sure to Sign Up For Our E-mail Alerts or Subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified of Events, Current Inventory, Site Sales, and Free Stuff. Upcoming Sales!

All of the materials pictured here are for sale. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see all the different houses and addresses. These houses have NOT been torn down and the materials pictured here are still for sale!
Sold items are removed right away but feel free to call if you have a question about any item. Except for the current sale at the top of the page – the viewing and purchase of the materials are by appointment only. Please call Paul 650-218-8596 to arrange a visit. 

1325 Concord Avenue Loa Altos– This Saturday & Sunday 24th & 25 11am-4pm Call Paul 650-218-8596 (click through to see more photos)

1325 Concord Avenue Los Altos

Atherton –  Call Paul 650-218-8596 (click through to see more photos) To View Price list click here.

126 Catalpa Atherton

Park –  Call Paul 650-218-8596 (click through to see more photos)

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LOS ALTOS –  Call Paul 650-218-8596

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SARATOGA –  Call Paul 650-218-8596


BURLINGAME – Call Paul 650-218-8596


Belden Avenue LOS ALTOS  Call Paul 650-218-8596


EL DORADO SAN JOSE – Call Paul 650-218-8596

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San Gregorio

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29 Vista Yard, San Mateo – Call Paul 650-218-8596

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 BURLINGAME   – Call Paul 650-218-8596



Hand Crafted by Paul (hover over photos for more info)

Go to “Wanted, Free & Handcrafted” to see more items we make.


East Palo Alto – Call Paul 650-218-8596

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Webster Street Palo Alto

This charming 2000+ sq ft, hand crafted Old Palo Alto home will go to landfill unless you buy it. Built by owner’s grandfather in 1931. The look, feel & smell of this place is unbelievable! There is very little time, act now. I will forward your email enquiries to owner.



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