Belden House

A few items available. Call Paul 650 218 8596.
1100 sq ft of cherry (probably Brazilian) 3/4″x 2.25″ solid wood tongue & groove flooring. $4/sq ft removed & denailed if you can pick up from house in Los Altos.

unpainted natural redwood trellis/pergola : buy all or part: 3@6x6x9′ $35ea, (2x material is 1 3/4″ thick) 2@2x8x12 $20ea, 4@2x8x10 $16ea, 2@2×8×9 $14ea, 2@2x8x5 $8ea,  35@2×2×10 $5ea, 11@2×2×9 $4.50ea,  8@2×2×16 $8ea, 3@3’×3′ outrigger support brackets $35 ea. Get all of it for $600 and save $46. Remove trellis yourself and save another $200.

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